Jan 27, 2009

Times and Seasons

I had a vision yesterday
about the distractions
like how thick everything is right now
we must remember just to focus on him and walk

Tell me more

it was like right before I got up
there was this heavy heavy wave
it was like anger and lust and rage and all kindsa stuff
and i'm like what the heck, I am just waking up
what's this about
I was begininng to battle
and wrestle

*as I began to battle and wrestle
the vision started*

I was walking with Jesus in this golden honey cloud
like it was all around us before and behind and out on both sides
and on the outside
there were demons all around
and they had what looked like treasure chests
but they were gray
and black
ugly looking
but they seemed valuable
they were laying these boxes down on the edge of the cloud
For a while, I was paying more attention to Jesus than the boxes
then something "really demanding" would happen
and I would go over to the edge like man, THIS HAS TO BE DONE
as I would reach to pick it up and sometimes even pick it up
as I would start to carry it
Jesus would remind me inside...it's ALL ABOUT HIM
I don't need to carry
or address the cares of this world
It's all just stress
He is the focus.

So this happened time and time again
then it got thicker and more intense
and I would see the things they were presenting
like elaborate tales woven in sin
I could either press in and "see" through to Jesus
or choose to take the journey down this imaginary road.

As I would press in to see Him,
the vision would split open and JESUS would shine through.

So I feel what He was showing me is HOW DEEP his rest is
if we truly are at rest in Him...NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

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