Jan 24, 2009

Truth From The Heart

What a challenge it has been to let my heart out...to force myself to feel the pain of a world without love. Many years ago I shut off my feelings and became NUMB. The simple side of life is one best lived inside out. But to feel! To know! To be accountable for the suffering?!

There is so much pain I have concealed so I would look right and talk right, living a lifeless Christianity devoid of true relation. Why? So my whitewashed church friends would still want to sit with me; invite me to their sing along. So I wouldn't be put out once again?

Inside I was a mess of emotions. Trying to sterilize a life filled with "mistakes" and emptiness. A fatherless child being raised by fatherless children. The lie must end. It must stop here. TODAY

I am not the disease. I AM the cure. I AM the light. I AM the salt. Maturity is lacking. Why?

It's time to embrace what the Bible says and DO IT! It's time to stop hiding behind our insecurities and pain. It's time to STEP out into the unknown and HURT LIKE HIM. It costs something to LOVE - are you willing to pay the price? Jesus

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