Jan 27, 2009

Times and Seasons

I had a vision yesterday
about the distractions
like how thick everything is right now
we must remember just to focus on him and walk

Tell me more

it was like right before I got up
there was this heavy heavy wave
it was like anger and lust and rage and all kindsa stuff
and i'm like what the heck, I am just waking up
what's this about
I was begininng to battle
and wrestle

*as I began to battle and wrestle
the vision started*

I was walking with Jesus in this golden honey cloud
like it was all around us before and behind and out on both sides
and on the outside
there were demons all around
and they had what looked like treasure chests
but they were gray
and black
ugly looking
but they seemed valuable
they were laying these boxes down on the edge of the cloud
For a while, I was paying more attention to Jesus than the boxes
then something "really demanding" would happen
and I would go over to the edge like man, THIS HAS TO BE DONE
as I would reach to pick it up and sometimes even pick it up
as I would start to carry it
Jesus would remind me inside...it's ALL ABOUT HIM
I don't need to carry
or address the cares of this world
It's all just stress
He is the focus.

So this happened time and time again
then it got thicker and more intense
and I would see the things they were presenting
like elaborate tales woven in sin
I could either press in and "see" through to Jesus
or choose to take the journey down this imaginary road.

As I would press in to see Him,
the vision would split open and JESUS would shine through.

So I feel what He was showing me is HOW DEEP his rest is
if we truly are at rest in Him...NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

Jan 24, 2009

Truth From The Heart

What a challenge it has been to let my heart out...to force myself to feel the pain of a world without love. Many years ago I shut off my feelings and became NUMB. The simple side of life is one best lived inside out. But to feel! To know! To be accountable for the suffering?!

There is so much pain I have concealed so I would look right and talk right, living a lifeless Christianity devoid of true relation. Why? So my whitewashed church friends would still want to sit with me; invite me to their sing along. So I wouldn't be put out once again?

Inside I was a mess of emotions. Trying to sterilize a life filled with "mistakes" and emptiness. A fatherless child being raised by fatherless children. The lie must end. It must stop here. TODAY

I am not the disease. I AM the cure. I AM the light. I AM the salt. Maturity is lacking. Why?

It's time to embrace what the Bible says and DO IT! It's time to stop hiding behind our insecurities and pain. It's time to STEP out into the unknown and HURT LIKE HIM. It costs something to LOVE - are you willing to pay the price? Jesus

Jan 17, 2009

Always Enough

Here's the update guys!!! 

PRAISE THE LORD - The vehicle is paid, repo, bill brought current and registration fees!!!!

I came from a widow, on social security!!!! She took the money saved for her property taxes and paid the bill - CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? ONE WOMAN GAVE HER ALL!!!! 

This lady and her sons are about to be dragged away by the creditors and sold into slavery for what appears to be a legitimate debt; we ALL know that feeling. But rather than wrangle with the creditor, she goes straight to the man of God. 

Let's talk about RIGHT FOCUS, keeping our focus on Christ so we don't sink in the storm...

So she asks for help. The Prophet Elisha answers,

2  "I wonder how I can be of help. Tell me, what do you have in your house?"

    "Nothing," she said. "Well, I do have a little oil."

See, she took the little bit, the "2 mites" she had, apparently the last possession, as everything else had been sold or taken away to assuage the debt. She takes her last bit of anything and says, "I got a broken spoon" - and God can USE a broken spoon and make millions - IT'S NOT ABOUT  MONEYIT'S ABOUT HIM. IT'S NOT WHAT YOU HAVE, IT'S WHERE'S YOUR HEART ?

GOD IS FAITHFUL and all it takes is your two mites, a little drop of faith, MULTIPLIED BY HIM and BOOM!

There is such a multiplication on this season...be faithful to give away the little you have and watch what Daddy Dew - that's called KINGDOM INCREASE.

Further Thoughts: 

God has been talking about the good Samaritan for several weeks, bringing us back again and again...then today it finally dawned on me...LOOK IT UP!  LOL, and did we got a belly FULL! 

Turns out the message was much larger than we initially thought, but isn't that always the way...we narrow our vision so, in Judgment and Perceptions and Pain that we miss the POINT - Jesus

Which brings me to something that was sent in by Jennifer Sheridan, Jennifer is new to the group, however they have been encouraging and supporting me and others since the Lakeland revival. We stayed, Melissa and I, with them in St. Louis - WHAT AN AWESOME TIME IT WAS IN JESUS!!!!! SHAMBA

"It is time to take responsibility. God designed a plan for how we are to live, eat, and interact with each other. Jesus is the answer, not the excuse." Now she sent this to me and the weight of it about crushed me...I BELIEVE it is God's message to the church RIGHT NOW revealed today through Ephesians 1.

Specifically,  "At the center of all this, Christ rules the church. The church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church. The church is Christ's body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence."

In the mighty name of JESUS may the grace, glory and fire of this trial be imparted to you. A grace to stand. A peace to rest. And a presence to adore in Jesus name.

Glory, Fire and Favor,